Emergency Department splinting

Efficient fracture management

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    Reduce ED waiting times
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    No water, no clean-up
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    1h intro training covers wrist & boxer splints
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    Try it for 30 days – get your money back if you don't see improvements
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    Ideal for Lean – reduce LOS, eliminate low-value activities
How it works

Reduce the time spent in preparation and clean-up

Standard casting materials require more time for preparation, application and clean-up.
Woodcast is vastly more efficient. You take a heated splint, mold it, and set it with Freeze Spray.
If bone reduction has been unsuccessful, the Woodcast splint can be reused, saving further time.

Get started with Woodcast Emergency Kit™

The emergency kit contains everything you need to treat 100 patients.

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    Flatbed heater
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    100 Woodcast 4in1 splints
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    Adhesive AirPadding
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    Woodcast Freeze Spray
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    Instructions + training

Getting started takes only minutes

1. Schedule a free 30 min online demo

We show you the product, answer your questions and agree on next steps. You can invite as many people from your organization as you like.

2. Order the emergency kit

We offer a full success guarantee, so ordering is risk-free.  You also receive a scheduling link to book the introductory training.

3. Join the online introductory training

You will learn 2 applications: the wrist splint and the boxer splint.

4. Ready to start!

You now have everything to treat patients with Woodcast. Extra splints and accessories can be ordered from your local distributor, and you can learn more applications from Woodcast Academy.

Book your free demo now

96% of clinics that tried Woodcast have adopted it as a standard care procedure


Questions & Answers

What is Woodcast used for?
Woodcast is used for casting, splinting, and bracing.
Who can use Woodcast?
Our most common users are emergency departments, orthopaedic departments, wards, hand therapists, podiatrists and veterinary clinics.
How does Woodcast affect my results?
Several RCTs have shown Woodcast to have similar treatment outcomes as traditional casting materials. The positive effects of Woodcast are improved patient and staff satisfaction, faster throughput times and reduced operating costs.
What are the alternatives?
Main alternatives for Woodcast are Plaster-of-Paris, synthetic and polyester casts, fiberglass casts and thermoplastics. Out of these, Woodcast is the only material that doesn't have any health hazards associated with it.
How is Woodcast different from alternatives?
Woodcast can provide the same clinical benefits with faster application time and lower toxin and allergen exposure. It's remoldable and X-ray transparent.
What does the product contain?
Woodcast is made of clean wood and a biodegradeable polymer. It does not contain toxins, allergens, isocyanates, phthalates, latex or dusts.
How can I purchase Woodcast?
We have a global distributor network, check the availability here. If we don't have distribution in your country, you can leave us a request.
What does it cost?
The material cost of Woodcast is roughly the same as synthetic materials. However, materials are only a tiny fraction of casting-related costs, and with the time savings, our customers actually end up saving money.
What is required of me to use Woodcast?
You will need some space for a heating device, and introductory training provided by us.